Jack’s Mannequin Reuniting For 10 City Tour

Jack’s Mannequin are reuniting for a special tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of their debut album, “Everything in Transit”. The band broke up in 2008 after eight years together.

Frontman Andrew McMahon wrote the 2005 album while touring with his other band, Something Corporate, and he was also diagnosed with leukemia the same day he finished recording the album making”Everything in Transit” a special place in his heart.

McMahon posted the following Monday on his website: “I will be the first to admit, I prefer keeping my focus in the present, but I cannot deny Transit’s place in my life and the lives of my fans, As I said so many years ago, this is a story, and it will be performed as such, in its original running order from start to finish. The band and I are truly excited by the opportunity to revisit this album and we hope to see you there.”

All members of the original Jack’s Mannequin line-up have signed up to go on the tour, which will hit up 10 cities starting on New Year’s Eve, and wrapping up in Boston, Massachusetts on 4 February.

McMahon recently played at the House Of Blues with his In The Wilderness. The closest Jack’s Mannequin show to our area is Columbus on Jan 26th.