Neil Young Thinks Adele Is Like Susan Boyle

Neil Young enjoys the music of Adele because she reminds him of all things, singer Susan Boyle the winner of Britain’s Got Talent.

Young is sceptical about modern music and tends to avoid listening to contemporary acts however in an interview with Britain’s Q magazine he reveals that he enjoys the music of Adele for a surprising reason, that she reminds him of Susan Boyle, the singer who emerged as a star in 2009 on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent.

“Some of Adele’s records are great,” Neil says. “I think she’s genuine, she’s real. You can’t really get her to fit into the box. She’s a little like Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle was great. She still is.”

Despite his love of Adele and Susan, Neil, who lives in rural southern California, says he prefers the sound of nature to that of rock these days.

“I don’t listen to a lot,” Neil explains. “I mostly listen to nature. That’s what I really like to hear. A lot of crickets, hummingbirds, a lot of small birds. We have a blue heron that croaks the big sound.”

Although he loves getting away from it all, Neil maintains a busy touring schedule and is set to join some of rock’s biggest acts of all time in playing the Desert Trip mega-concert in Indio, California in October. Joining Neil on the bill at the massive music event are Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and The Who.