Fleetwood Mac Reissues Tusk With Many Additions

Right in time for Christmas, Fleetwood Mac has announced they will reissue their 1979 album “Tusk”. This will be with an deluxe reissue with dozens of unreleased alternate takes and live renditions of the album’s tracks. It will also include the complete original album re-mastered along with the demo recordings and single remixes that were in the 2004 reissue.

The reissue really zeros in on two tracks “I Know I’m Not Wrong” and “Tusk” to show how the album developed throughout the course of two years of recording. “I Know I’m Not Wrong” appears six times, showing the process from Lindsey Buckingham’s home demo thru its maturation over the course of five recording sessions stretched across a 10-month period. “Tusk” is included five times from demo to the USC Marching Band.

The new 5-CD/2-LP/1-DVD edition will also feature an “Alternate Tusk,” an version that reassembles the album’s original track listing using different takes of each song.

The Tusk super deluxe reissue will boast two CDs’ worth of unreleased live tracks from Fleetwood Mac’s yearlong Tusk tour. The deluxe edition also includes a 2-LP of the original album as well as a DVD-audio of Tusk with a 5.1 surround mix. Rhino will release the 5-CD/2-LP/1-DVD edition as well as a 3-CD reissue (minus the live CDs, vinyl and DVD) and a digital version on December 4th.

The release is now available for pre-order at