Halestorm Debuts Video For I Am The Fire

Ever wonder how hot a Halestorm show really is? Well probably the hottest band in rock these days just turned up the heat with the debut of their new video for “I Am the Fire” and the video gives viewers an idea of what Halestorm can deliver live.

When the band came up with the title for “I Am The Fire”, the band thought about all the different things that it could mean. Guitarist Joe Hottinger told TeamRock: “I think the lyric that sums up the whole song best is, ‘I am the one that I’ve been waiting for.’ It’s the idea that nobody is holding you back except yourself. So be the fire. If you listen to the song closely, there’s no doubled vocals or harmonies or anything like that. It’s all Lzzy [Hale, guitar and vocals] on her own, owning it. I am the fire. There is nobody else. That’s the message of this song.”

The video opens with the band playing in the desert as the sun sets against the painted rocks, but by the time the song reaches its power driven chorus, night has set and the band rely on their pyro to light up the desert sky as they play.

“I Am the Fire” follows on the heels of “Apocalyptic” and “Amen” as hits for the band this year.

Check out the video.