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23yrs Ago Today David Gilmour Surprises Floyd Fans

23yrs Ago Today David Gilmour Surprises Floyd Fans

23yrs ago today, Pink Floyd fans that were at the O2 Arena in London listening to Roger Waters “The Wall” tour were treated to a special moment during the song Comfortably Numb.

During the tour Robbie Wyckoff would sing Gilmours vocal parts and Dave Kilminster performed the guitar solos but during the performance of May 12, 2011 at the London O2 Arena David Gilmour appeared at the top of the wall and sang the choruses and playing one of the most famous solos in rock.

It was a moment of the pure magic, and the crowd’s reaction reflects that. It’s almost as if the roars that greet Gilmour’s surprise arrival come in waves, as different parts of the huge arena realized what was happening.

Many thought this might be the thaw that would allow for a formal Pink Floyd reunion but we all know that didn’t happen. Soon after the two started talking negatively about each other in interviews and by 2015 Gilmour couldn’t have been happier about not being in a band with Waters.

“I have turned down an incredible offer to go on tour with the original Pink Floyd line-up,” he told Classic Rock. “That is a real victory for me. At the moment I would be absolutely incapable of making another record with Roger and the others.”

Even as recently as February of this year, words have been flying. David Gilmour‘s wife Polly Samson has lashed out on Twitter at Waters, calling him a “misogynistic Putin puppet” and an antisemite. Gilmour added that “every word” of Samson’s message was “demonstrably true” in a separate tweet. In response, Waters says he is considering potential legal action.

I don’t see a happy reunion soon which is sad as no one is getting younger, especially me.



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