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Adele Talks New Album And Single

Adele Talks New Album And Single

Adele recently gave interviews to Apple Music and SiriusXM both which were released the same time as her new single “Hello” and it’s video from the long awaited album “25”

Adele told SiriusXM, “This song was a massive breakthrough for me with my writing because it’d been pretty slow up to this point, and I felt after I worked with Greg [Kurstin] on this, it all poured right out of me. Straight away, I felt a little bit silly singing ‘Hello, it’s me,’ but straight away I loved the verse and I knew it was going to be the first thing I came back with me.”

Adele told Apple Music, she also enjoyed the idea of reigniting her dialogue with fans with “Hello,” since “the song’s really conversational. I knew straight away that it’d be the first thing that everyone would hear and that it would open my album,” she said. “It took some convincing but by the time the production was done and we finished the song, everyone liked it.”

Speaking to SiriusXM about 25’s sound, “There is some darkness on it just because I like to do dramatic, I’m a bit of a drama queen, It’s not as themed as my last record. The reason I labeled it a “make-up record”, it sounds super cliché, but my last record was labeled a ‘”break-up record”, and rightly so, because it was a break-up record. This record is all about how I feel as opposed to how someone else has made me feel, it’s about how I made myself feel.”

25 is her third LP, following her debut 19 and breakthrough 22. “I feel like the idea of calling the albums after my age is sort of like taking a photograph of my life,” she told Apple Music, “the magnitude of stuff that’s happened”

She says this will be the last Adele album to bear a number as its title, “25 is the perfect age to end the albums named after my age.”

Here is the video for her new single “Hello”


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