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Al Di Meola Late Start Not A Problem For Fans

Al Di Meola Late Start Not A Problem For Fans

The long-awaited return of guitar virtuoso, Al Di Meola, to The Kent Stage, almost did not happen this past Friday evening! As Al Di Meola and his band were getting ready to leave from Cincinnati, OH, their tour bus broke down. They had to scramble to find rental vehicles to make the trip to Kent, Ohio. Originally, the show was to start at 7:30. It did not start until approximately 10:00.

The result of the days “challenges” (For the band, the fans, The Kent Stage staff and volunteers.) was one of the best shows ever to be performed at The Kent Stage and everyone was extremely happy that the show was not cancelled, even with the inconvenience of the wait was very much worth it!

Al Di Meola went deep into his career and played songs that he hasn’t played in years. All the way back to his days in Return To Forever. He played songs from his iconic album and even brought out his legendary black Gibson Les Paul. The band was very tight, and, even after their disaster of a day, they played with a vengeance. They certainly wiped out any negative thoughts that they are the crowd had about the day.

Al Di Meola traded off with each member of the band and the lead changes with the pianist were just special. At one point, Al Di Meola, even played a maracas for part of a song. It was a very fun, yet structured set that really did not even have time for a full sound check. It was obvious, this band did not need one!

Al Di Meola is a consummate professional and even after a nearly two hour set, still came out to meet his fans that had paid for a “meet and greet” even though it went into Saturday. Much to the joy of those fans.

Even though he is one of the top acoustic guitarists, I have to say that as good as the acoustic tours were, the Electric Years Tour was simply unbeatable.

Al Di Meola, The Kent Stage, and Al Di Meola’s fans that showed up for the show just proved the “power of music” and it’s effect on us humans and everybody left with a smile on their face.

Jeff Weaver

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