Anthrax Reveals New Album Name And Release Date

They have been teasing their fans by leaking info slowly about the new album and finally the news Anthrax fans have been waiting for is here.

The new album is titled “For All Kings” and it will drop February 26th. A couple of weeks ago the band recently revealed the new single “Evil Twin”. (see our story on Evil Twin)

The band is currently on tour in Europe with Slayer with drummer Charlie Benante missing the first few weeks of the tour after dealing with issues relating to the surgery he underwent for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome a while back. Benante says he’s been dealing with pain and numbness and after playing for a few weeks, he realized he wasn’t able to deliver the intensity needed for an Anthrax show.
During his absense he revealed that he’s been actively involved in coming up for the artwork for the new album and he’s been assisting in putting together the special Anthrax edition of their Spreading the Disease 30th anniversary reissue.

In the video below that was released by the band you will find an album teaser that reveals the new album title and release date.