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David Gilmour Wows Sold Out Toronto Crowd

David Gilmour Wows Sold Out Toronto Crowd

Concert Review: David Gilmour at Air Canada Centre (Toronto)

I don’t know what I expected when I drove into Toronto for what has to be one of the last shows we are going to see David Gilmour live in concert.

The problem is that seeing Gilmour play live is so rare and their music is so ingrained in our psyche that we romanticize the shows we experienced 30, 40 years ago when he fronted Pink Floyd. I mean the man is 70 years old. How many 70 year old musicians can still deliver especially since his last tour was 10 years ago?

Well David Gilmour is one of the few that can.

From the first note he hit as he launched into “5 a.m.” from his latest album “Rattle That Lock” you saw people just beam. I saw some tears being wiped from eyes. That’s what this man means to his fans. That what this man means to music as a whole. Like I said he is so ingrained in our psyche. Before the show I was talking to a couple that flown in from London, England for the show. They told me they saw him at Royal Albert Hall in September, flown in for the Toronto shows and were going to Torino, Italy to see him in May. When I asked him why his explanation was simple and to the point, “This is the last time you are ever going to see him play.”

Gilmour didn’t disappoint them or any of the 13,000 plus in attendance. He sounded great, the voice is still there and well he is still one of the best guitarist on the planet.

Unlike his 2006 tour which featured two sets where the first set was his latest album then Pink Floyd hits in the second he mixed it up which was nice, a little new, a little old. The almost 2 hour and 45 minute show featured a nice mix in the 22 song set list.

One thing I can say is that I liked the new material much better live than I did when I reviewed “Rattle That Lock”. I didn’t like the album when I first heard it but live it does take on a new life and it does make me want to give it another chance.

Highlights were of course when he launched into the Pink Floyd songs especially when he hit those first notes of “Wish You Were Here”¬†and of course the final song of the night “Comfortably Numb”. Chills is all I can say.

Know what I think, I might just meet up with that couple from London in Italy. It would be worth the trip to hear David one more time.

Bear is the Editor In Chief at clevelandrockandroll.com. He can be reached at [email protected]

Set 1:
5 a.m.
Rattle That Lock
Faces of Stone
Wish You Were Here
What Do You Want From Me
A Boat Lies Waiting
The Blue
Us and Them
In Any Tongue
High Hopes

Set 2:
Astronomy Domine
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
Fat Old Sun
Coming Back to Life
The Girl in the Yellow Dress
Run Like Hell

Breathe (Reprise)
Comfortably Numb



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