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Drop The Needle – July Edition

Drop The Needle – July Edition

People ask all the time, “what are you listening to these days?” It changes on a daily basis, depends on the mood or if a neighbor is dancing to “Radio Ga Ga” at 3 a.m. on their deck. That why I love to do the Drop The Needle feature so I can read what my colleagues are listening to so I can make fun of them!….Okay let’s get on with it. Here is the Drop The Needle – July Edition

Going Down Slow – Peter Frampton  

In 2019 Peter Frampton went back to his Humble Pie roots with the album ALL BLUES. Check out his version of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Going Down Slow”. In my book, Frampton unleashes some of his best-ever vocals. – Cornel

Badge – Fanny  

This is where it all began for all girl bands. This song is from their debut album in 1970. Choosing a classic Cream tune (one of my favorites) These ladies show they Rock! These ladies deserve to be in the Rock Hall as pioneers of all girl rock bands and they do Deserve The Right To Rock!! – Dom

What’s Going On – Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp  

Relaxing on a hot summer day often has me listening to stuff I’ve loved over the years. This version of the Marvin Gaye classic was included on the 2022 release of 18 and what a fitting legacy for one of the great guitar virtuosos and his very capable compatriot. – Mike Olszewski

The Weight – Playing For Change featuring Ringo Starr, Robbie Robertson, Marcus King, Larkin Poe  

A few years ago I came across this non-profit organization called Playing For Change that supports music and arts education but how they do it is amazing. They promote themselves by having artists from around the world play the same song. It’s filmed and recorded then edited into some of the most amazing videos you could ever imagine. These artists are people you never heard of, some playing instruments I never heard of and then they intersperse some huge stars that give their time for the cause. You can listen to them but to watch these videos is something else. This is one of my favorites. – Bear

Mrs. Mills – Eddie Vedder 

Listen to the lyrics of this song before you read any further and decide what it is about……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. It’s not about a woman and it is not one of his best songs (Pearl Jam or solo) but the song is actually about a piano at Abbey Road studios.  Many artists have played that piano, and even Sir Paul wanted to buy it and take it home but to no avail.  Pretty cool song about an iconic instrument at an iconic studio! – Pritch

Delta Lady – Leon Russell  

Delta Lady is a sensuous little ditty that describes Leon Russell’s infatuation for Rita Coolidge. FACT: She didn’t know at the time that the song would become her calling card. Rita named her autobiography Delta Lady. WARNING: once you play it, you’re singing it the rest of the day. “Oh, you’re mine delta lady You’re mine, be all mine Delta lady” – Cornel

Badge – Cream

How could I mention them in my Fanny review and not suggest the original as a must listen?! Back in the day (1969) we would pop in the 8-track and crank the car stereo with this tune to let the world know that rock wasn’t just a passing fad. With Clapton and Harrison this song shows how rock can pass the test of time! – Dom

Go Now – Bessie Banks

The Moody Blues had a hit with this tune but the original has so much emotion from a female vocalist that it should have gotten more attention on its original release. – Mike Olszewski

Lines On My Face – Peter Frampton

I haven’t been a Peter Frampton fan for a long time. Got burned out after “Frampton Comes Alive” in 1976 and never really gave him a listen until I came across some videos he did during Covid, acoustic from his house. That version of “Lines On My Face” changed my perspective on the song and him also. It is so good I started giving him a listen again after almost 50yrs and it’s nice to “rediscover” an artist. – Bear

Fancy Man Blues – The Rolling Stones  

On the flip-side of 1989’s “Mixed Emotions” is a true, blues masterpiece from The Rolling Stones called “Fancy Man Blues”. It’s so good that Bill Wyman thought they were covering a Jimmy Reed tune! No sir…a 100% Mick and Keith hidden gem. – Cornel

Celluloid Heroes (Live at Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland) – The Kinks   

There have been many live songs with great intros (Lou Reed – Sweet Jane, The J. Geils Band – Musta Got Lost, etc) and here is another one.  Ray Davies wrote this song with 2 thoughts in mind regarding the fame of movie stars and how they can get walked on (Hollywood Walk of Fame) during their careers.  Love the guitar work in this intro so turn it up! – Pritch

Shakin’ All Over – Guess Who

Johnny Kidd and the Pirates broke ground with this song in Europe, and many seem to forget the other versions after the Who included it on the Live at Leeds album, but Canada’s Guess Who had the first North American hit and it still stands up today. – Mike Olszewski

Empty Pages – Traffic

Here’s a classic from 1970. From the John Barleycorn Must Die album. Thought You might want to get yourself into the Winwood mood since he’ll be at Blossom on August 22nd headlining with The Doobie Brothers. – Dom

Morning Light – The Vindys

Ok, I felt a little close to home with this one and I really like this band from Youngstown, OH (named after the local newspaper the Vindicator – whatever).  Their lead singer (Jackie Popovec) sounds a lot like Amy Winehouse.  This love song is one of many songs written by Jackie and they are moving up to bigger venues. – Pritch

Baby Please Don’t Go – Them

Tough to beat Van Morrison’s voice on this classic, though Detroit’s Amboy Dukes gave it a good run. Also, check out the Stones backing up Muddy Waters live in Chicago in 1981. – Mike Olszewski

Silvio – Bob Dylan  

“Silvio” is a song written by Bob Dylan and Robert Hunter, and released on Dylan’s 1988 album Down In The Groove. When you have the Grateful Dead singing background harmonies, you know it’s a cool track! – Cornel

Do You Know What I Mean – Lee Michaels

This one comes from 1971. Not bad for only two guys! With Lee on keyboards and “Frosty” Smith on drums,
you’ll play this one more than once! – Dom

Winterlong – Neil Young

I have always loved this Neil song with the guitar work and vocals (Neil sounds good as a backup singer too!).  Not sure if it is about a lost woman or what, but always listen to this one when it comes up or am in the mood for some Neil. – Pritch

Summer – War

There is no song that gets me in the mood for summertime like this song. Listening to it I can hear the waves, smell the blacktop under the hot sun, french fries on the boardwalk and the beat is infectious “cause it’s summer, my time of year”. – Bear

Train Kept a Rollin’ – Yardbirds

To put it in Ozzy Osbourne terms, “Everybody and their friend” did this song and most do a pretty good job going all the way back to Johnny Burnette. For my money the Yardbirds hit the nail on the head. – Mike Olszewski


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