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Drop The Needle – June Edition

Drop The Needle – June Edition

People ask all the time, “what are you listening to these days?” and for me it’s usually the same thing as I was listening to last month, last year, last decade. That why I love to do the Drop The Needle feature so I can read what my colleagues are listening to, and my wife doesn’t go crazy having to listen to my same playlist over and over and over….Okay let’s get on with it. Here is the Drop The Needle – June Edition

Finally Moving – Pretty Lights  

Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling and that happens when I listen to this tune! Derek Vincent Smith has fought his demons and is back at Bonnaroo this year. – Dom 

Try And Love Again – Eagles  

This song takes a back seat to many of the other great tunes on Hotel California. However, for me it’s in the front seat. Love the bass line, the meshing of the guitars, Randy Meisner’s voice and the background harmonies. Don’t be scared to find love again if the last one didn’t work out! – Pritch

 Pumping Iron – Joe Grushecky

One of America’s best kept songwriter secrets is Joe Grushecky! Joe’s brand-new collection is entitled HOUSEROCKER: A JOE GRUSHECKY ANTHOLOGY. Pumping Iron is a rock-your-ass-off, blue-collar bar tune. This whole ANTHOLOGY smokes from beginning to end. – Cornel

Joes Garage – Frank Zappa

I used to listen to Frank a lot in the 70’s then he slowly faded from my music taste until about 5 years ago when I was leafing through my albums and came across the album, and I threw it on the turntable. When the song came on it immediately shifted my thoughts back to my days of playing in garage bands and the great memories of not giving a shit about anything. Needless to say it’s a staple on my playlist now, so is the attitude I’m told – Bear

Find My Way Paul McCartney & Beck

This is a fun one, well produced with an interesting twist at the end (on the video for the song). McCartney has this way of evolving, he does it with this song. – Dom

Soul Force Dion & Susan Tedeschi

This blues song by Dion (a guy who started his career in the 1950s) is performed with Susan Tedeschi off of the new Girlfriends album (released 2024). His voice is still pretty damn good and Susan balls out as usual. He’s still working on getting chicks, even at his age. – Pritch

House Of The Rising Sun – River Matthews

I was watching an old episode of BLACKLIST starring James Spader. This version came barreling out of my TV screen. I immediately downloaded it. Lead Belly would be proud! – Cornel

Eyes Of The World – Grateful Dead

It’s the perfect Grateful Dead song. Listening to it just brings up the images of being back at a Dead show (if you’ve been to one you know what I’m talking about). It makes you want to get up and just move to the music like everyone would at a show. – Bear

Lawyers, Guns And Money – Warren Zevon

One of the great tunes from his album “Excitable Boy” Warren Zevon’s creative genius has been missed for almost 21 years. – Dom

Bad Time – Grand Funk Railroad

Boy I guess I’m on a relationship kick here but have always loved this song. Mark Farner wrote this as he was experiencing some difficulty with his wife. Boy relationships can be tough. Love his voice on this one and even though the critics didn’t care much for GFR, I have always loved them. – Pritch

Might As Well Be Me – Larkin Poe

I’m proud to say I’m one of the first to be on the Larkin Poe bandwagon. Their Grammy Award Winner is BLOOD HARMONY…Sisters Megan & Rebecca have come a long way since forming in 2010. This track is the pinnacle of their soulful journey. – Cornel

Watching The Wheels – John Lennon

One of my favorite Lennon tunes. One can only wonder what great music he would have given us had he lived longer. – Dom

Do You Know What I Mean – Lee Michaels

Whatever happened to Lee Michaels? I mean when I first heard this song it hooked me, this was such a good song (I mean I’m still listening to it 53yrs later). It was the perfect teenage angst song back in the day, now it’s a great toe tapper. Still whatever happened to Michaels? – Bear

Radio Goo Goo (Live Aid Version) – Queen

Just so I don’t make Bear feel alone, here is a number that certainly didn’t attack the charts but it rocked one night (about 1:30 am) out on my deck. Bear heard it and commented as you might think the next morning. The song has grown on me like a fungus and has a great memory. – Pritch

Froot – Marina And The Diamonds

Marina writes most of her songs. This girl has talent Oh, did I mention she has a great voice too?! – Dom

Panama Red – New Riders Of The Purple Sage

It’s the start of growing season (if you know what I mean) and this song takes me back. The writing of this song was so great as it took every experience you could have being “high” and crammed it into 2:46. I don’t know how many times friends of mine threw out the line “hey Pedro you’re actin’ crazy like a clown” and we would just laugh our asses off. We were “high” at the time and that helped but even now I still love the song.- Bear

Ghosts – The Red Clay Strays

Never heard of ’em? No worries, you soon will! Direct to you from the red clay earth of South Mississippi. This band is the real deal, and the track GHOSTS is the place to get your ears revved up. – Cornel

Water Song – Hot Tuna

This song reminds me of my father because he bought this album out of the blue because of the car on the cover and brought it home. I wasn’t a Hot Tuna fan and admittingly took decades to really appreciate them, but this song is just something else, listening to it they seemingly produce the feel of moving water. Their playing is just that delicate and moving. It has become one of my favorite songs ever and now that dad passed away about a year ago, every time I hear it I think of him bringing that album home and it makes me smile – Bear

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