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Drop The Needle – May Edition

Drop The Needle – May Edition

By now you know the Drop The Needle feature is a little way for all of us at CRR to give you a little incite into what we are currently listening to and why. I love the feedback especially when you throw out alternative versions of the tracks we write about. As the old announcer used to say “keep those cards and letters coming”. Do people even send cards and letters anymore? Okay I’m digressing. Here is the May edition of Drop The Needle…..Keep those emails coming!  

Love, Peace And Happiness – The Chambers Brothers  

The Chambers Brothers In the days of progressive rock the live shows often centered on tedious drum solos but often inspiring guitar jams. The Chambers Brothers show how to do the latter on this jaw dropping version of their radio hit. – Mike  

Dead Flowers – The Rolling Stones  

I know this is going to come as a surprise to a lot of people (especially Pritch) as most people know I am not a fan of The Rolling Stones, never have been but I caught a video of Mick warming up recently before a show singing it acapella. That made me give it another listen. I’ve heard the song before but I don’t think I ever really listened to it, I mean really listen to it. The lyrics are really good and it’s raw the way they play it. I’ve listened to it by other bands but I keep coming back to Mick and the boys original version even though New Riders Of The Purple Sage give it a good go also. – Bear  

Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey  

I love her sultry voice on the tune. Released in 2012 she sings about a relationship gone bad and the video fits the mood of this song. – Dom  

123 – Cocktail Slippers  

This break up song brings us back to the sound of the Bangles and the Go-Gos. The Norwegian pop rockers threw this new single out in 2023. A little foot tapper – Pritch  

Well (Baby, Please Don’t Go) – Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention Featuring John Lennon  

Frank Zappa & the Mothers Featuring John Lennon There are two versions of this, one from Lennon’s “Some Time in New York City” LP and one later released with Zappa’s mix on his “Playground Psychotics” (Disc 1). Zappa said he learned to play leads out of necessity because the strings on his early Silvertone (Sears) guitar were so far from the neck. That line of thinking apparently served him and us pretty well – Mike  

Walk Away Renee – Peppino D’Agostino  

One of my favorite songs that has been done by so many artists like The Four Tops, The Left Banke, Frankie Valli, Linda Ronstadt, Southside Johnny and so many more. This is my favorite version, it’s stripped down but with so much depth. When I first heard it I thought it had to be an acoustic version by Southside Johnny and maybe Little Steven as the voices sounded so much like them but D’Agostino really brought it with his version – Bear  

Dumpster Diving – Andy Johnson 

Love this acoustic track. Georgia musician Andy Johnson with Trey Dunnahoo. Jody Hightower throws in a little percussion. Very cool back porch blues. – Cornel 

Higher Ground – Odesza Featuring Naomi Wild  

This one is from 2017 and Naomi’s voice is a perfect fit in this tune. This haunting melody is for all you out there looking to be found. Bet you won’t be able to listen to this just once – Dom  

Fight for My Country – Balls  

Back in the formative days of progressive FM rock radio when Rolling Stone was still in a newspaper format and you bought concert tickets at bookstores or clothing outlets, the recording industry started marketing the concept of “supergroups” to an audience looking for something radically different. Let’s just say that in some cases the marketing may have been a little deceptive, and the group Balls is a prime example. Cleveland’s FM rockers (WNCR, WMMS, WNOB and the college stations) played a song titled “Fight for My Country” that was supposedly done as a collaboration between members of the Beatles, Stones, and anyone else you wanted to throw in there. Of course, it wasn’t but oddly enough the players involved would go on to their own impressive careers. The real lineup included Trevor Burton from The Move, Denny Laine from the Moody Blues, Alan White of Yes and Jackie Lomax, who would have a pretty solid solo career in the UK and would become part of the Apple Records stable. Years later when Laine played the Kent Stage I asked him about the group and after a long explanation why it was never meant to last, he added the name was not going to get them Top 40 airplay in the US and that’s where the money was. – Mike  

Dear Mr. Fantasy – Dave Mason And Joe Bonamassa  

Okay the original version has been on my constant playlist since it came out by Traffic in 1967. I still have the album I bought at Bandstand Records but someone a couple of months ago sent me the video of this song by Mason and Bonamassa and it hooked me. This is a punch in the gut blues-rocker version that doesn’t stop. Surprising how their two voices meld on this track so well – Bear  

John Sinclair – John Lennon  

Back in 1971, John Sinclair was arrested in Michigan for selling two joints to undercover agents and getting 10 years in prison. Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Bob Seger and others protested the injustice that ultimately led to a new law and John’s freedom. Sinclair also managed the MC5 and Mitch Ryder. April 2nd marked the passing of “John Sinclair” the man that Lennon wrote the song about and I’ve been listening to it since – Dom  

Let Me Love You Baby – Foghat 

Foghat returns to their blues roots with the album SONIC MOJO. Buddy Guy first recorded this Willie Dixon gem back in 1960. Foghat adds some freshness to a classic track. – Cornel 

Californication – The Red Hot Chili Peppers  

Summer is just around the corner, the cold air has given way to warmer breezes and I can’t think of another song that when I hear it brings up images of sun, beaches and California even though the lyrics are not so sunny and talk about the underbelly of So Cal. The tune has such a great hook and Anthony Kiedis has not sounded better. – Bear  

I Can’t Stand The Rain – Lowell George  

Another 4/20  International Record Store Day release is “Lowell George’s – Thanks I’ll Eat it Here” released after he left Little Feat and only a couple of months before his death. I’ve been listening to this tune and other bonus tracks that are included on this classic re-release. Maybe someday the Rock Hall will realize they haven’t put Little Feat in. – Dom  

Whipping Post – The Allman Brothers  

This version from “Live at the Fillmore East” for many this was their introduction to the Allmans and what a learning process!  Bill Graham was an early supporter of the band and the double live album with this cut is a great example why. – Mike  

I Was Wrong – Social Distortion  

Have you ever listened to the lyrics? It’s like if I tried to explain my 1970’s to people, okay maybe too much self reflection! The first time I heard this song I was like “who are these guys”. Raw, gritty just a grab you by the balls song. Mike Ness lays it all out there and made me a fan of Social Distortion – Bear  

Oh Well – Slash Featuring Chris Stapleton 

Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac were blues monsters! Wait until you hear this cover! Slash has made the album he’s always wanted to do: ORGY OF THE DAMNED…’Oh Well’ is just one of the MANY highlights from this new release – Cornel 

Hear My Train A Comin’ – Jimi Hendrix And The Band Of Gypsies  

Another of the Live “At The Fillmore East” recordings. When you hear Hendrix just improvising on this tune you wonder what music he might have shared if he’d been with us longer. – Mike  

Classical Gas – Vanessa Mae  

Vanessa makes this Mason Williams classic her own! She makes her violin sing on this one. Hard to believe she was only 17 when she recorded this one back in ’95 – Dom  

If I Ever Get Lucky – Mike Bloomfield  

Okay another Live At The Fillmore East recordings, this one from 1969. There was only one Mike Bloomfield and he shines like a supernova on this particular cut. – Mike 

Oh Babe It Ain’t No Lie – Sue Foley 

Sue is one of the finest guitar players on the planet. She pays homage to all the guitar playing ladies that came before her on the new album ONE GUITAR WOMAN. This version of ‘Oh Babe’ will put a smile on Elizabeth Cotten’s face up in blues heaven. – Cornel  

Avenging Annie – Andy Pratt  

Okay I think I might be putting this one on the list just to piss off Pritch but I don’t know why I really like this song. When it came out in 73′ you couldn’t get away from it on the radio and Pratt was all of a sudden a headliner based on one song. I came across the song again about 10 years ago and I can’t explain why I like listening to it so much, maybe it is because Pritch hates it so much so I make sure it’s on the playlist when were having beers and cigars – Bear 


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