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Frontier Folk Nebraska Coming To Euclid Tavern Mar 11th

Frontier Folk Nebraska Coming To Euclid Tavern Mar 11th

Frontier Folk Nebraska – March 11th – Euclid Tavern

Frontier Folk Nebraska are at their peak when they’re live and loud, feeding off the mutual energy between the stage and crowd, and you can see for yourself when they hit the Euclid Tavern on March 11th.

Let’s get something straight, Frontier Folk Nebraska is not a folk band. They are not from Nebraska. They are an American Rock & Roll band from Covington, KY. Founded in 2007 Frontier Folk Nebraska embodies the DIY aesthetic of independent Rock and Roll – producing and recording all their own records, booking their own tours, filming and editing their own videos, and touring in the region in a 1999 F150.

The band shared with us the following preview of what they plan to bring to the stage: “We aim to be in the moment with how the crowd is reacting to us at each show. We’ve never made setlists and only decide on maybe the first two songs of the night before we start and we try to maintain whatever vibe we’re getting from the crowd by calling the rest of the tunes as we go… it always works best with the rowdiest groups. That’s who we’re hoping to see at the rock and roll show at Euclid.”

Frontier Folk Nebraska recently previewed their upcoming album (out April 1st) with a track premiere on Relix, a live cut of “Buffalo Summer.” Check out “Buffalo Summer” here

Check them out for yourself at the Euclid Tavern March 11th


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