Glass Harp At Kent Stage May 7th

In the late ’60s/early ’70s a power rock trio came from Youngstown, Ohio called Glass Harp.¬†They were a bare bones group in the tradition of Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience, and fellow Ohio band, The James Gang. But Glass Harp developed a signature sound of their own-a progressive one that allowed the members, collectively and individually, to stretch beyond the confines of standard form; breaks in songs for guitar, bass, flute, and drum solos were de riguere , as extended improvisations that would take the bands performances into the late hours.

The trio’s following was particularly amazed by the lighting style and precise technique of the bands 18 year old guitarist Phil Keaggy, who aside from his youth, had the use of only nine fingers. Neither strike impeded his ability to produce highly lyrical solos. Combined with the tasteful, rhythmic bass lines of Daniel Pecchio and the sharp, assertive drumming of John Sferra, Glass Harp created a wall of sound that would thrill sold-out venues across the upper Midwest and beyond.

After these great musicians moved onto other projects and bands they reformed and now you can hear the power of this great band at The Kent Stage on May 7th. For more information and tickets goto