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Jon Anderson Hopes For A Yes Reunion If They Get Into Rock Hall

Jon Anderson Hopes For A Yes Reunion If They Get Into Rock Hall

Veteran rocker Jon Anderson is hoping Yes will reunite again if the band lands a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction.

The prog rock supergroup has twice been on the ballot for the Hall of Fame, but Jon and company failed to win enough votes.
Anderson was forced out of the band in 2008 due to health issues he insists have now been fixed, and he’s not part of the current Yes line-up led by the only original member of the band, Steve Howe.

Instead, he has teamed up with fellow former Yes members Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin to form AFW, but he hasn’t given up hope of an original band get together one day. “(Steve and I) have exchanged pleasantries,” he tells RollingStone.com. “Over the years I’ve had ups and downs with Steve, but he’s still my musical brother and one day he’ll come through and probably be very happy about life. That’s what it’s all about.” Jon hopes that day will come when the band finds a home at the Hall of Fame, adding, “Rick used to joke that we’d all come out in wheelchairs. My mantra always is, ‘It’ll happen when it happens’. You can’t presuppose that you’re supposed to be in the Hall of Fame. It’s not something that I lose any sleep about.
“The other day I said, ‘There will be 20 of us (onstage). It’ll be fun’. There won’t be much room, but it will be fun. Three or four years ago I did a show in Cleveland and I went to the Hall of Fame and did a storytelling hour at lunchtime. I met everybody and they were very sweet. They were very upset I wasn’t in.

“I said, ‘It has nothing to do with me. I’m just a singer in the band’. They pointed to a corner on the second floor and said, ‘That’s reserved for Yes!’”


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