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Michael Glabicki Of Rusted Root At Kent Stage Nov 25th

Michael Glabicki Of Rusted Root At Kent Stage Nov 25th

Michael Glabicki – Kent Stage – November 25, 2015

“A song is an organism that has a history and has different meanings to many different people,” says Rusted Root lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Michael Glabicki. “Those people attach themselves to this organism and because of that,
it’s a ritual, a way to jointly go places.”

In addition to the two decades with Rusted Root, Glabicki is exploring new sounds and opening new doors with his solo carrer. He has started touring nationally as a duo act, and explains that although he has his roots with Rusted
Root, the sound is very different.

Glabicki has always invited the audience to participate in the creation of Rusted Root’s music. He frequently tests new songs on the road to see the fan reaction. Constantly writing new material, Glabicki finds that some of it fits his solo sound
better than Rusted Root’s.

A multifaceted musician, producer and songwriter, Glabicki’s talents are unique and extremely uplifting. His solo tour dates and new music are extensions of his creative talent, and will inspire all those who participate.

Tickets are on sale at www.kentstage.org


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