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Michael Weber Gives Intimate Performance For “Acoustic-Storytellers” Show

Michael Weber Gives Intimate Performance For “Acoustic-Storytellers” Show

The Jenks Building in Cuyahoga Falls opened today just for the The Michael Weber Show’s special “Acoustic – Storytellers” concert in celebration of their brand-new album “Stereogram” which was just released along with their retrospective album, “Up Until Now.” The main focus on the show was on “Stereogram” and how the songs came about and what inspired them. At the beginning of the concert, Michael Weber came out to the stage and said that “Stereogram” was a great rock and roll album but he was going to just play the songs acoustically, a little calmer, and tell the stories. It was kind of fun to watch his calmness last about 5 seconds as he just started “shredding” on the acoustic guitar, and he could not stop moving around. At one point, he went back to the upright piano directly behind him and performed a ballad on it.

All of the stories made the songs even more personal, and all sounded fantastic. He also talked of how the 3D cover of “Stereogram” came about (It even has directions on the back of the album on how to achieve the 3D effect! It works, I purchased a copy of it and tried it out!). He also pointed out that each side of the album is exactly the same time length and in addition, he told us that at some point while playing the album, the “label” stops spinning. He put together a great marketing scheme for “Stereogram” and I can’t wait to “give it a spin”!

Not only is Michael Weber an incredible musician, he is also a human encyclopedia of music and instruments which made for a great night.

It was great to see Charlie Frye, Nancy Whitmore, and Joseph Parrato at the show. We all used to hang out at Tim Ripper Owens “RIPPER’S ROCK HOUSE” back in the day.

The Michael Weber Show’s “Stereogram” sounds like it is going to be a fantastic album (Especially with the rest of the band on it!) if tonight’s “intimate” concert was any indication.

On a side note, support “local” artists and one day they will become “national” artists. Also make sure to support local venues that help to get them there!

Thank you to Michael Weber and the Jenks Building for a great night of music and friends.

Jeff Weaver

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