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Review: Blue Electric Light A Huge Disappointment

Review: Blue Electric Light A Huge Disappointment

Blue Electric Light dropped today but after listening to it, it should have dropped in 1984 not 2024. I don’t know what Kravitz was trying here but for me it’s not a good listen.

The album starts well with “It’s Just Another Fine Day (In This Universe Of Love)” with it’s funky R&B feel. It’s a song we associate with a Lenny Kravitz album and he is really feeling it when he sings “I can’t count the ways because it really hurts”. There is a groove that takes you and you can’t wait for the next song to keep the moment going but….

It goes downhill from there. “TK421” with it’s Star Wars blaster sounds in the beginning makes you wonder what’s next. What’s next is a song I would have expected from Morris Day And The Time in the early 80’s and such a let down from the opening track.

The middle of the album is all over the place and at times hard to listen too. “Human” with it’s cowbells and electronic handclaps is at times ridiculous. “Let It Ride” and “Love Is My Religion” are at times cringe worthy.

Not everything is bad. “Stuck In The Middle” is a soulful mind-bending track and “Blue Electric Light” ends the album at least on a high note with Kravitz’s guitar work blending with his gut-wrenching style of digging deep to bring out the vocals on the track that we are used to hearing with Lenny.

After waiting for six years for a new Lenny Kravitz album all I can say is “Blue Electric Light” is a disappointment.



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