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Review: Loudon Wainwright III & Wesley Stace Were Magic!

Review: Loudon Wainwright III & Wesley Stace Were Magic!

A singer/songwriter exhibition was given by Loudon Wainwright III and Wesley Stace (He started his career out with the stage name of John Wesley Harding.) at The Kent Stage last night.

They individually gave great sets of their own music, but I have to say when they performed together it was pure “musical magic”. They performed some covers, took requests from the crowd, and did a few Loudon Wainwright III songs too.

During a couple of these songs, they invited the crowd to sing-along with them and at one point, Loudon told the crowd to put their hands together, the crowd did so, and, started to clap. He then shouted at them and said, “I JUST TOLD YOU TO PUT YOUR HADNS TOGETHER, NOT TO CLAP” he yelled with a huge smile on his face.

During another song, Wesley Stace reminded the crowd that he had “merch” out in the lobby and reminded Loudon Wainwright III that he had neglected to bring any. He then told the crowd that Loudon Wainwright III had recorded a couple of albums under his name and that they were located somewhere on his “merch” table, smiling of course.

Both of the amazing musicians were just having a lot of fun performing together and so did the crowd.

Jeff Weaver

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