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Rocket From The Tombs New Album Drops Nov 13th

Rocket From The Tombs New Album Drops Nov 13th

If you are from Cleveland and were around in the 70’s you remember the flash bang of Rocket From The Tombs. Lasting barely a year but if you ever saw them perform, they left a mark on you. To tell you how good the band was just think, after the implosion of the band in 1975 and out of the ashes of RFTT came two legendary bands, Pere Ubu and The Dead Boys.

RFTT is releasing a new album on November 13th called the “Black Record”. Along with eight new tracks from the band is RFTT classics “Sonic Reducer” and “Read It And Weep”. They also include their cover version of The Sonics “Strychnine”.

They just announced that the first initial run will be pressed on silver vinyl for those collectors out there.

You can pre-order “Black Record” here

Rocket From The Tombs is:
Crocus Behemoth – vocals
Gary Siperko – guitar, vocals
Buddy Akita – guitar
Craig Bell – bass, vocals
Steve Mehlman – drums, vocals

Track List
1. Waiting For The Snow
2. Welcome To The New Dark Ages
3. Strychnine
4. Sonic Reducer
5. I Keep A File On You
6. Nugefinger
7. Spooky
8. Coopy
9. Hawk Full of Soul
10. Read It And Weep
11. Parking Lot At The Rainbow’s End

Band Photo Credit: Kathy Ward


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