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Smashing Pumpkins Introduce New Guitarist

Smashing Pumpkins Introduce New Guitarist

After a long extensive process with over 10,000 applicants during an open audition period, the Smashing Pumpkins search for a new touring guitarist is over. The have picked veteran instrumentalist Kiki Wong as the band’s new touring guitarist. Wong has an played with Taylor Swift, Usher, Bret Michaels and more. 

Corgan issued a statement on the audition process: 

“Reviewing the work of these incredible musicians was a herculean, albeit worthy effort. First off, I really want to thank everyone who submitted materials for consideration. It wasn’t an easy decision with how much great guitar playing we were lucky enough to hear and see over the past few months. I was a fan of Kiki’s before she submitted her name to be considered – and it’s great that someone of her acumen will be part of our touring family. I can’t wait to hit the road with Kiki as part of our mad circus. It’s definitely an exciting moment for The Smashing Pumpkins to be this busy with touring in 2024. We’ll see you all this summer!” 

As of right now there are no Northeast Ohio dates scheduled on their tour. 

Photo Credits: Smashing Pumpkins – Jason Renaud, Kiki Wong – kikiwongo/Instagram 


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