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The Dictators Coming To Kent Stage June 1st

The Dictators Coming To Kent Stage June 1st

One of the premiere proto-punk bands to emerge, The Dictators are bringing their “Let’s Get The Band Back Together” tour to the The Kent Stage on June 1st.

Originally formed in 1972 as an homage/response to the MC5, Flamin Groovies, New York Dolls and the Stooges, the Dictators wound up playing a similarly crucial and inspirational role to the generations that followed them. Even more amazingly, the group has endured to compete (artistically/conceptually if not commercially) with those acolytes — and their progeny.

After the release of another live record Viva Dictators in 2005 and Every Day is Saturday, a compilation of outtakes and demos in 2008 the group took a break from 2009 until 2020 when unfinished Dictators business put Ross the Boss and Andy Shernoff back in touch. Ross suggested they put the band back together. Andy agreed but on one condition; that long time friend and collaborator Albert Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult) fill the drummer’s seat. Albert enthusiastically agreed and suggested Keith Roth (Sirius XM DJ/Frankenstein 3000) to fill the empty singer/guitar player slot. The revived band has released 3 songs, God Damn New York, Let’s Get The Band Back Together and Festivus which carry on the tongue in cheek humor, social commentary and high energy associated with The Dictators while they continue work on a full album due later in the year.

Tickets go on sale Friday March 22 at 10am at The Dictators – Let’s Get The Band Back Together | Kent Stage



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