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This Day in Rock History: August 24

This Day in Rock History: August 24

Time to take a look back into this day in rock history: August 24


The Doors performed at Cleveland’s Public Auditorium.  A riot breaks out in front of a film crew that includes it years after Jim Morrison’s death in the video for “Roadhouse Blues”.

Details about the concert can be found here including Morrison assaulting a photographer!

Uriah Heep tops an all star bill that introduces Cleveland to the opening act ZZ Top.

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Has anyone ever answered this question?  Can Scaramouche dance the fandango or not?  Members of Queen travel to a recording studio in Wales for a three week session that results in the classic “Bohemian Rhapsody”.   It’s Freddie Mercury’s vision and he directs the band to the smallest detail including 180 separate overdubs of the vocals.


Like he’s going to actually get out.  Mark Chapman gets a 20 years to life sentence for the murder of John Lennon the previous December. His fellow inmates go after him on several occasions and at times he’s put in solitary for his own safety.


You know they paid for this one!  A commercial for Microsoft’s Windows 95 with the Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up“ goes in circulation.  $12 million pounds for the rights to reference the (Do they realize it also has the lyrics, “You make a grown man cry”)  Doesn’t matter.  Windows 95 is a hit!


The LA County Coroner determines that Michael Jackson was the victim of homicide the result of  a deadly mixture of drugs used to treat his insomnia.  His Dr. Conrad Murray is later charged with involuntary manslaughter.


One of the most distinctive voices in rock, R & R Hall of Famer Justin Hayward is no stranger to Kent Stage audiences.

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Eric Burdon and Edgar Winter show a Lorain Palace audience they age like fine wine.

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A major loss to rock and roll with the death of Rolling Stone drummer Charlie Watts at the age of 80.  As he starts to fade, he urges the Stones to go on witout him.

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