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This Day in Rock History: December 19th

This Day in Rock History: December 19th

Time to take a look back into this day in rock history: December 19

Inspired by a guy who gets miffed when his date scuffs his shoes, Carl Perkins goes into the studio to record his signature song.  Elvis Presley makes it an even bigger hit.
Wait a minute!  It was about what?  Nancy Sinatra has a #5 hit with “Sugar Town”:, .a tune that lyricist Lee Hazelwood later reveals is about LSD!


Fleetwood Mac headlines the Akron Civic Theater with opening act Mott the Hoople.  This came during the band’s Bob Welch era.

Poster courtesy of Raw Sugar Studio

This song actually celebrated America’s citizen band radio culture giving voice to people with nothing to say.  Now it’s called social media.
Northeast Ohio TV viewers were actually treated to a better version on Superhost’s “Mad Theater”.


Elvis Presley’s personal physician, George Nichopoulos, was charged with ‘illegally and indiscriminately’ prescribing over 12,000 tablets of uppers, downers, and painkillers for the star during the 20 months preceding his untimely death. Although he was acquitted this time, he was charged again in 1980 and again in 1992 and was stripped of his medical license in July.

Ozzy Osbourne dodges a legal bullet when a California Superior Court Judge refuses to reinstate a lawsuit brought by the parents of a teenage suicide victim.  The judge rules that Ozzy’s “Suicide Solution” is covered by the constitution’s right to freedom of speech.
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