Time to take a look back into this day in rock history: December 8


A few words just say it all and still sting to this day. John Lennon shot dead in New York City.

His killer remains behind bars never likely to see freedom again.


U2 made its Cleveland debut on this date in 1981.

Poster courtesy of Raw Sugar Studio

Two years after John Lennon, a country great left us
Former Pantera frontman Dimebag Darrell was gunned down onstage by a crazed fan at Columbus’ Alrosa Villa.  Two members of his crew were also injured. Be warned: The following video may be disturbing. At the funeral, Eddie Van Halen put Darrell’s original black and yellow striped guitar into the Kiss Kasket he was laid to rest in. 


Rock cellist Zoe Keating brought her show to the Kent Stage on this date.

Poster courtesy of Raw Sugar Studio