Time to take a look back into this day in rock history: February 12

This drug bust has taken on almost mythical status.  In Britain, fifteen police swarm the West Sussex home of Rolling Stone Keith Richards.  The “Redlands Raid” happened during a weekend party. The cops showed a warrant issued under the so-called “dangerous drugs act” and they found enough to call the raid worthwhile.  There are stories that George Harrison and his wife, Pattie, were at the party, but surveillance teams waited for them to leave so they wouldn’t embarrass the crown by busting an MBE honoree. Lots of stories about what might have happened including Marianne Faithfull supposedly just wearing a rug of some sort and some other lurid tales.  Whatever happened, it was clear the police were dead set on getting certain rock stars to set an example and the Stones were a prize catch.
Homecoming in Seattle for Jimi Hendrix who get not only the key to the city but a high school diploma.  That was followed by a q and a with students at his old alma mater Garfield High where he was expelled when he was 16.  Story was he got caught holding the hand of a white girl during a class.
A former Clevelander goes on his eternal journey.  Screamin’ Jay Hawkins died at age 70 in a French hospital after emergency surgery.  A former boxer, Hawkins is best known for his haunting song “I Put a Spell on You”, but also for nine marriages and 75 kids!  Dozens of them gathered at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a few years back for a sort of family reunion.  The video is a bit disturbing but it depicts Hawkins’ stage act at the time.
No Jim, no Doors.  That’s basically the argument offered by the group’s former drummer, John Densmore, when he takes legal action against his one time bandmates Robbie Krieger and Ray Manzarek to halt them from touring as The Doors of the 21st Century.  Densmore claims breach of contract and trademark infringement.  The new band included Ex- Cult singer Ian Astbury and former Police drummer Stewart Copeland.