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This Day in Rock History: February 9th
Vintage Cheech and Chong raw sugar studio poster Kent State University

This Day in Rock History: February 9th

Time to take a look back into this day in rock history: February 9

After this, the world was in color once again!  Months after the world mourns the JFK assassination and a particularly harsh winter, the Beatles make their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. The appearance is a record breaker drawing 73 million viewers or 60% of the viewing audience.  Legend has it that Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein asked Sullivan, “I would like to know the exact wording of your introduction” Sullivan replied, “I would like you to go…”  You fill in the blanks.  Also on that show was a teenage Davy Jones who was appearing on Broadway in Oliver.
And see if you can spot Davy Jones!


Cutting edge humor from two comedy greats at Kent State University’s ballroom. 

Poster courtesy of Raw Sugar Studio

Another pioneer lost.  Bill Haley is found dead in the bedroom of his Harlingen, Texas, home the victim of a heart attack.  He was just 55.  Haley was still a star in Europe and was about to release a country / western album.  Haley had been in failing health and had also battling a brain tumor.


A golden opportunity to catch the Cars in a smaller hall setting at the Coliseum Theater.

Poster courtesy of Raw Sugar Studio

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