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This Day in Rock History: March 9th
Sypro Gyra Kent Stage Raw Sugar Studio

This Day in Rock History: March 9th

Time to take a look back into this day in rock history: March 9

Controversy swirls one again about The Smothers Brothers’ Comedy Hour as CBS decides to air a rerun on this date instead of showing a first run version with Joan Baez.  He network claims that week’s episode did not arrive in time to be previewed, but it also comes out that Baez used the opportunity talk about her husband who was jailed as a draft dodger.  After an edit the segment runs two months later.
Telly Savalas has a hit show with Kojak, and a hit song with David Gates’ “If”.  Did he remove that lollipop when he was in the recording studio?
The final episode of CBS-TV’s The Jacksons airs.  The show is cancelled for poor ratings.
Okay, let’s try this again.  A & M Records signs the Sex Pistols, and the next day they set up for a publicity photo outside Buckingham Palace.  Police are there just to observe.  Very closely!
Does this sound familiar?  Mick Jagger charts with a solo single, “Just Another Night”, and another songwriter says its his work.  The courts disagree.
Boston’s Brad Delp is found dead in his Atkinson, New Hampshire, home from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Police found two grills set up in his bedroom that was sealed off.  A note was found pinned to his chest that read, “Mr. Brad Delp. I am a lonely soul.”


Classic jazz fans flock to the Kent Stage for Spyro Gyra.

Poster courtesy of Raw Sugar Studio

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