Super Bowl Has To Defend Coldplay Choice

When they were announced I wrote a story (click here) saying that this may be the most boring Super Bowl half time ever but the director of the show has defended the decision to hire Coldplay for the 2016 event after outraged fans suggested “silence” would have been a better choice.

The British rockers were recently announced as the headline performers for the football extravaganza on 7 February at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California however, the news was met with criticism from many fans who have suggested the band’s down tempo style is not suitable for the famously high-octane show, with one user writing that “silence” would have been a better choice, and others branding the show a “snoozefest”.

The event’s director Hamish Hamilton, who has been in charge of the halftime shows since 2010, has now spoken out in defense of Coldplay, insisting the Yellow stars may surprise a lot of viewers.

He recently told Billboard “I think Coldplay themselves are gonna surprise a lot of people. They write great music. They’re great performers. They’re great individuals. They’re a great band, and I think they and their energy and their positivity will surprise a lot of people in a very positive way.”

I don’t know who he is trying to convince except maybe himself. If you have to defend your choice, you made the wrong choice.