Phil Collins Wants Genesis Reunion

Phil Collins would like a Genesis reunion, for that fact so would I but I want to see a reunion of Collins, Rutherford, Banks, Hackett and Gabriel. For the record I would also like to see reunions of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the biggest of all the Jonas Brothers and those all have a better chance than seeing the five members of Genesis playing together again.

Sorry folks but I want to see the version of Genesis that brought us classics like “Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” and “Selling England By The Pound” not “Invisible Touch” and especially “We Can’t Dance”!

Even though Collins says he wants a Genesis reunion, he thinks it has to be with the lineup he fronted not Gabriels lineup. Last month he confirmed he is coming out of retirement (see our story here) and he has stated all he needs to do is practice if he wanted to play drums again but in a recent interview with the Telegraph he said “I’d love to do it, but it puts a bit of a kibosh on it if I can’t play the drums. There’s no reason why the three of us can’t get back together, though. We still get along – always have done.”

I guess a lot of the old issues with Hackett and Gabriel are still running deep.

Editors Note: I don’t really want to see Jonas Brothers back together, in case you were really wondering!