New Petition To Stop Phil Collins From Coming Out Of Retirement

Remember last week when the news of former Genesis frontman and 80’s chart topper Phil Collins coming out of retirement had his fans in a frenzy, well I guess not everyone was excited.

A petition to the United Nations is making the rounds that wants to deliver a different message from his haters: We don’t care anymore. The petition comes from the pen of Brian Pee of New York, who went on the website and petitioned the United Nations with a document entitled “Phil Collins must be stopped.” Pee comes down hard on Collins writing in the petition. “Phil Collins has announced he is ‘no longer in retirement’,” the petition says. “There is far too much suffering in the world as it is. This must be stopped.”

Laugh if you will, but the petition is currently only a few votes short of being sent to the United Nations and according to the website, once the votes are achieved “Decision makers have the opportunity to respond to the petition.”

Now do you really think the United Nations will act upon this petition?

Some of the comments posted by the signers are pretty funny. Some are concerned that he will collaborate with Taylor Swift while others seem to fear an impending apocalypse if he returns.

Some of the comments are:

“For the children. Will not anyone think of the children?”

“We’ve burned the rainforests, poisoned the oceans, polluted the air, thrown an orbiting ring of debris around the planet, and generated enough landfill to cover entire countries, now this. Time to draw a line in the sand and stop the madness.”

“Collins cannot be permitted to return to work or future generations will NEVER forgive us.”

“I struggled for years with addiction to Phil Collins’s music. Just take a look at me now.”

“Phil just because you need to finance another divorce don’t come back bringing your one more night white noise lift music rubbish because where not interested.”

Obviously this isn’t going to stop Phil as he told Rolling Stone last week, saying that the recent re-issues of his classic albums have him planning his first proper album since 2002. “I’m easily flattered, if people rediscover the old stuff and show interest, it would be silly to not make more music.”

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