The Zombies Hit The Billboard Charts 50 Years Later

In December 1964, The Zombies released the hit song She’s Not There” and it shot to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.  The song kicked off a successful five-year period in which the band notched three top 10s on the Hot 100 between 1964 and 1969 followed by a breakup that lasted over two decades.

Jump to 2015 where, half a century after their first hit, the band is back on six different Billboard album charts, thanks to a new album and an album considered a classic.

Their new album “Still Got That Hunger” charted at #35 on Top Rock Albums, at #15 on Internet Albums, #24 on Independent Albums, #94 on Top Current Albums and #100 on Top Album Sales. In addition, Odessey & Oracle, perhaps the band’s most well-regarded record, charted at #24 on the Vinyl Albums chart.

The last time the band charted on Billboard was in June 1969, when Odessey & Oracle finished its run on the Billboard 200 chart.

Here is a video of The Zombies at the Kent Stage October 15, 2015