Don Felder Upset About Missing Glenn Frey Tribute

There was a lot of speculation if he was invited, now we know.

Former Eagles guitarist Don Felder went to Twitter on Tuesday and expressed his disappointment after he was left out of the Grammy Awards tribute to Glenn Frey.

Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, Joe Walsh, and Tim Schmidt reunited for the special occasion at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, teaming up with Jackson Browne to pay homage to Frey with a rendition of their 1972 hit Take It Easy.

Felder made it clear he would have liked to have received an invitation despite filing suit against Frey and Henley after he was fired from the group in 2001. The trio was subsequently able to settle the dispute out of court for an undisclosed sum in 2002.

“Too bad I couldn’t have joined The Eagles last night for the Glenn Frey Tribute at the Grammys but I was not invited,” he wrote.

It’s too bad, I know I was looking forward to seeing him with the band one more time.