Roger Daltrey Blasts AC/DC With Axl Rose

Roger Daltrey has got a lot to say recently about AC/DC and what he has to say isn’t pretty.

The Who frontman stepped up in defense of his fellow rock Brian Johnson, who recently parted ways with AC/DC due to hearing issues. As Daltrey sees it, Johnson’s departure is AC/DC’s loss.

“I’ve spoken to Brian. He’s got loads of other things he wants to do in his life,” Daltrey told the London Free Press. “I think AC/DC will miss Brian much more than Brian will miss AC/DC. There you go. What do you expect from Australians? And he’s such a lovely guy, Brian. I’ve known him for 40-odd years, more. It must be heartbreaking for him after all the service he’s given that band over the years, I thought their farewell statement to the press and to Brian was fairly curt to say the least. I felt for him. That must have hurt.”

AC/DC is rescheduling its tour dates with Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose taking the place of Johnson, who sang with the band for more than three decades. But don’t expect Daltrey to check out the new iteration of the group.

“I mean, go and see karaoke with Axl Rose? Give me a break,” Daltrey scoffed.