Album Review: Chris Issak – First Comes The Night

Album Review: Chris Issak – First Comes The Night by Bear

Chris Issak I will admit is an acquired taste but it is one I admit I enjoy. Most know Issak from his 1989 hit “Wicked Game” but if you delve deeper into his work you get a style like no one else out there.

It’s been four years since Chris Isaak last released an album of new material with “Beyond The Sun”, so maybe that’s why his new (and 13th studio album) “First Comes the Night” seems bursting with life. “Every Night I Miss You More” is vintage Isaak, a rockabilly tale of heartbreak: “I saw you and I pretended/I was happy like before/But when you left my good times ended/I don’t know what I’m acting for.” It’s a simple eulogy about a broken relationship and his voice is haunting on it.

In “Perfect Lover” he croons “Every night I still dream of you, It’s the same dream I must go through.” Why does heartbreak sound so good when he sings about it? “Please Don’t Call” is dark and brooding but switching gears “Running Down the Road” is a boogie woogie burner and he’s at his Rock-A-Billy best in “Down In Flames”.

Though out the 12 tracks on the album, theres a theme that Issak seems looser like he’s having more fun than on previous releases and that’s a good thing.

Rating: 4 out of 5